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My Very First Vlog Ever

My very first Vlog ever!


How are you all? So I’m sorry that I’ve been MIA. After my heatstroke I had a hard time recovering and getting back to real life. It’s been 6 months since my heat stroke and thank God I’m recovering!

Anyways, to all you hipsters, we’re here talking about the hip. So, I’m back to dancing, yay!! Is my hip 100%? No, but funny enough I still have hope that I’ll get there. It’s been 1 year and 9 months. I know that seems like a long time but I’ve progressively gotten better and like I said it can take up to 3 years for cartilage to heal. My naturopath confirmed it. I know they say it can’t but it can under the right circumstances by getting blood flow to the hip without overworking it. Think swimming vs. running. (;

Some days I feel great as if I’m back to normal. I even went up to a party in LA recently! That was at my best. At my worst I’m stuck at home watching movies but hey that’s not so bad! (; At this point there’s really no pain just tightness in the hips for the most part and some light headedness at times from the heat stroke but at my best I don’t notice either. (;


Recently I went to go see a new rolfer who’s also an energy healer. She says my sacrum and thoracic are twisted so she’s been working on it and I already see an improvement. I think she caught something intuitively that no one else has so far. My other rolfer was great but sometimes you gotta switch professionals for a new perspective if you know what I mean.

Also I’ve been doing daily meditation with the daily medication podcast by Mary Meggley from in addition to the ones found on Bexlife via You guys know I love YouTube channels b/c they are so accessible. Meditation has so many health benefits inside and out! And these guys make it easy!


I also recently had my first colon hydrotherapy session and it was awesome! I know that’s probably funny I say that but again it has so many health benefits so it’s so worth it. I’m willing to do anything to be healthy! My naturopath recommended it for me b/c she thinks I have malabsorption which is causing my body to heal a lot slower than it should be. This is b/c my body is not getting the nutrients it needs as my body is backed up with toxins! I already feel a difference. I feel more energized and I’m sweating again, yay! I don’t remember the last time I sweat. I think it was years ago! That means I’m detoxing like normal. (;



In conclusion I have not lost hope! I’m still fighting the good fight and am making health and wellness a lifestyle and not some temporary change to get back to where I was. I want better and I believe I will get better. And I’m learning and having fun along the way. (;


What does stress have to do with it?


My new thing is to put inspiring quotes on my mirror these days! 🙂 


Hey there folks! It’s been a long time! So, I’m about a year and half into my recovery which I estimate to be about half way through the whole process. My hip is not really giving me any pain as of late but I do a feel a strong tightness in my left hip now even though my labral tear is in my right hip! Sometimes, I get shifting back pain. Yesterday I foam rolled like crazy. I felt like I found new trigger points that I had never rolled before, one being in my lower glut by my sit bone and I re-discovered a tight one in my inner thigh. Gawd, they were so tight and painful. For awhile I’ve been feeling that my left leg feels shorter than my right even though when I started it was the other hip around. I think it has to do with overcompensation of constantly relying on my left hip. Of course now my right hip feels pretty stable and stronger than my left! But anyways, I’m taking this as I’m one step closer to my goal. I feel like my body is trying to find its balance once again. I can feel my left and my right side try to be parallel in strength. So I’ve been focusing on Pilates to fix this issue, specifically this routine for posture by Blogilates, Also the reason for the extreme tightness I believe is from me wearing sandals and flips flops over the summer. I don’t remember it being this tight before then! So beware the flip flop! As you know before the summer and my heat stroke I was dancing my head of in NYC at my cousin’s wedding! Too bad this 2nd health ailment (the heatstroke) slowed my hip progression. But shit happens and at least I’m back on track. (;


So like I said I had a severe heat stroke about 4 months ago if you’ve been keeping up with my blog. I think it’s gotten up to 100 degrees in San Diego this summer which is unusual but it’s due to el neno this year. I’ve had fainting spells since I was 23, when I moved to California. I think it had to do with the climate change and the stress in moving my life elsewhere. It got better as time moved on and I started eating more healthy. I think the stress affected my hormonal balance which led to bleeding inbetween periods which then lead to anemia. Once I took gluten out of my periods started to cycle normally; I guess it overloaded my body somehow. I know weird correlation. So that’s just a tip out for you ladies! A healthy diet does make a difference on your body in many ways including menstrual cycles! Guys, feel free to ignore or pass along this info. to your girlfriends. (; Anyways even though the dizzy spells got better with diet, it came back again in full force this time. I think it was just one of those perfect storms where I was sick and run down from travel and unprepared for the heat wave in San Diego.

Anyways, this brings me to my next step of finally seeking help from a naturopathic doctor who then told me it was most likely due to a nervous system issue! After seeing so many doctors this is the first I ever heard of this! But it made so much sense. I mean it made sense of all my health ailments! When you’re nervous system isn’t working properly pretty much your whole body goes out of balance.  It throws off your hormones which executes so many of your bodily functions/systems. She says that it has to do with the fight or flight mode. I am basically stuck in high stress mode, probably since I was a child and it’s finally catching up to me. I’m only 33 and I’ve been to the doctors way too many times to even count within the past year and half.

The reason why I’m going into all of this is that as I’ve been following hip labral tear forums. A lot of people also seems to be dealing with more than one health issue. And I wonder if it has to do with STRESS and the way we manage it.  I’ve been reading books like crazy; one being Mind Over Medicine by an actual M.D. doctor and she says that to her surprise your mind has a lot to do with your health! Your body actually CANNOT heal itself properly while under a stressed reaction! This was mind boggling to me too. I’ve heard it before but never took it too seriously but now it’s really sinking in. Watch her TED talk here, Stress, it’s a real thing. BOOM.


So as of late, I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching since I really truly believe this is the case now. It seems so abstract but it rings true to me. That if I don’t take care of all my personal garbage and the way I manage stress it might just literally “eat me up inside” and wreak havoc on my body. I’ve been going to this special spiritual and medical counselor recommended by my naturopathic doctor. She specializes in emotional re-patterning which basically means she can help re-pattern my thoughts. She can help me change my self loathing inner voice into a self loving voice which then teaches me to be calm, nonjudgmental and therefore less stressed because if I’m okay with myself I’m okay with everything else around me. I know it sounds very hippy dippy but hey, it’s working! I feel this has been a spiritual awakening for me. I’ve been spiritual since I was young but I feel I have reached a whole new level here. I feel closer to God than ever but also I feel like I’ve changed my whole perspective in life so it’s slightly unsettling. I have had to re-think everything I believe in about God, about myself and the world around me. It has been scary, but revolutionary. In conclusion, I’m learning not to carry guilt with me but to talk to myself in love as that reflects the love that God has for me. This is reflected on my soul and my outer body. So hopefully this was somewhat helpful to you. Everyday, I still make sure to foam roll, do Pilates but now I have added time for some self therapy! I listen a podcast by Jennifer Cass everyday (see here, and I just started reading The Untethered Soul which is a New York’s Best Seller. I highly recommend adding this to your health regimen. For me, it’s been totally worth it! Remember, your mind, body, and spirit all have to do with your well-being. Happy healing! 🙂

P.S. Forgive me if this blog is not organized or as coherent as usual b/c I might literally have had some brain damage from the severity of the heat stroke! Eek, don’t worry I’m getting better. (;


I’m so excited about a new opportunity to write for lifestyle blog, Suite 1455 based out of NYC, ran by one of my good friends Toni Scott. It talks a lot about all the health issues I’ve been going through but also the goodness that has come from it. I hope you enjoy it. It’s an outlet for the anguish (which I know you all get, having the same injury) that I’ve been going through and I see the light at the end of the tunnel but I’m still happy being in the tunnel while I’m still in it! Love you all and I look forward to posting more about my recent health discoveries as of late. Haven’t had a chance to sit down and write about them as of yet but I’ve definitely been stewing about them!  So here’s the article and pasted below. Would love for you all to read it as it’s a compilation of my thoughts within the past year which you kind of get in the gist of this blog already but I feel like it’s a little bit more concise and coherent. I feel like this blog has prepared me to move onto this new venture although I still plan on updating this one. Thanks for all your support once again! Hopefully, seeing me get on with my life encourages you all to a bright future of your own. (:


Work Life Balance Intro

Since I am writing for a lifestyle blog, I thought it would be a good idea to talk about just that….my real life.  Last year, I tore my hip joint which forced me to stop working on my business that I had been building for years. Taking me away from my work and being young with such a major injury produced one of the most difficult years I had ever experienced.  Then, this year as I began to heal, tragedy struck again when I had a severe heat stroke.  Then not only was I fighting to get better, I became confined to the house which made a transition I had set my mind to overcome, difficult once again. It is funny how we take things for granted for instance, something as simple as going outside and enjoying the sunshine was something I could no longer do (I’ve read 2-12 months). It felt as if the health issues had taken over my life. However, as crazy as it sounds, my marriage has actually never been better.

I had a terrible time coming to terms with my situation. I am a busy body at heart and veer on the side of being OCD. Before all this happened I thought my life was on track. Baby, I was working harder than ever to build my business, maintaining my social circle and living a wonderful life with my husband. I thought my marriage was good, even though I worked 7 days a week and barely had enough time to hang out with the guy. We had extra money to go on fancy dates and my husband had all the freedom he wanted to hang out with his buddies whenever he wanted because guess what?, I was busy. This all sounds fabulous, but it was right at this time when I was so busy making sure my life was on track to success that all the shit (health problems) decided to hit the fan.

Truth is, I was working way too much. I worked even when I knew I shouldn’t. I pushed myself beyond my limit when I was already hurting because I couldn’t help it. I was addicted to success and the high that it gave me. My mind said, go, go go, and my body said, no, no, no. You know who won every time but not for long.  Eventually, my body shut down. This didn’t make sense to me until I went to see my naturopathic doctor. She told me that I basically had a nervous breakdown and that my body was stuck in fight or flight mode (is a physiological reaction that occurs in response to a perceived harmful event, attack, or threat to survival). My immune system was on overdrive all the time. It was under attack by the constant stress that I carried with me day to day. All that said, my prescription was to, slow the f*** down (in addition to herbs and counseling).

No Work Life Balance

I realize now that this moment was my saving grace. Although everything looked glamorous on the outside, I was hurting on the inside and trying to ignore it at all costs. We had money, traveled, had thriving careers and were on our way up. We looked perfect from the outside looking in. But from the inside, I didn’t have much time to spend with my husband and when I did I was in bad mood because I was working too much. It also let me know that my marriage is strong because despite everything I was going through we continued to get stronger, even closer.

Instead of running around the house and getting everything done I stop to (really) hug my husband and to hear how his day went (without being agitated). It has revolutionized our marriage. We have never had better sex in our lives than now and we met when we were in our early 20s, at the peak of our hottness.

How is this relevant to you? If you’re the average American you’re probably over-worked and your mind is probably going a million miles a minute like mine was. I am now consciously making an effort to slow my mind and movement down. I can enjoy life instead of thinking about what’s next. It’s not easy. In fact it feels so unnatural to me but I have no choice because once you’re health is not in your control, you’ll do whatever it takes to get it under control.

Work Life Balance Meditate

If I have any advice to give, it would be this, don’t let stress control your life. Don’t let it ruin all that is good because you’re blind-sighted by your future prospects near or far. Slow down. Do whatever it takes. Work less. Let go of being the best at everything. Be okay with sloppy or average some of the time. Take up Yoga or Meditation. Replace a trivial duty with a hobby for the day. Cut out the unnecessary obligations (and people). Life’s too short. Don’t wait till it’s too late and you’re getting bad news from the doctor. Salvage it while your health is within your hands and not forcing you to go to the ER. Chances are your body has already shown signs of distress whether it’s your aching back or migraines. Don’t just stuff your mouth with painkillers as your body is trying to tell you something. Don’t wait till it’s screaming or just too late.

Work Life Balance Couple

Even though I found great satisfaction in my work life, it was never enough. The one thing I find fulfilling is my marriage/personal life. It is what keeps me warm in bed at night and wipes my tears through the hard times. For some reason, I was running on a treadmill that I knew would never bring me the kind of satisfaction I yearned for and yet for some reason I convinced myself it would…But now I know only relationships can do that. Only having connections with other souls can do that for me. Now I realize that my greatest success in life will probably not be career orientated. The only way I’ll ever truly feel valued is through the way I touch people’s lives and the way they’ll touch mine.

Written by: Lisa Ormsby



This picture is from the wedding booth in NYC! (:

Could things get any harder?! Okay for for awhile things were really great! I recently went to NYC for my cousin’s wedding and I totally danced the night away. Granted, I was a little sore from all the walking we did in NYC. However, I made it! I didn’t even get sick from all the travel which is likely with the time shift, stress, etc. But when I got back I guess it hit my like a ton of bricks and I did catch a mild cold. After it went away, I got my period (maybe TMI, but be patient with my story), and then I had a heat stroke! That’s right folks. As I was walking my dog in the middle of an especially muggy day, I passed out on a stranger’s porch. The kind stranger called an ambulance and 30 minutes later I was fully conscious and my vitals were normal. It was really strange! I went home and I just rested. I took it easy the rest of the week and I felt like I was getting back on track but then every time I would go out when it was too hot I would get light-headed again. I figured I must still be recovering. I was taking vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes like woah, and yet still I felt like I was run down! So I decided to contact my naturopath about it and she recommended I come in an get some IV fluids. I did over this past weekend and definitely felt a surge of energy but the next day I felt like I was still struggling. So, I decided to go to the ER with my  husband b/c I felt like I might pass out at any given moment. Of course, the blood tests came back normal and left us back to square one with a big question mark. So, I’m going to my naturopath today to figure out what the hell is going on. My naturopath told me it has to do with my endocrine system, the hormone system which executes bodily functions. I have had these overheating issues since I was 23 when I first moved out to San Diego 10 years ago by myself. It was a stressful event and I don’t know if my body has ever fully recovered since then. Ever since then it’s been down hill from there with some great inbetween moments. But I gotta tell you before the move, I was an energetic soul. I traveled the world and I could keep up with the best of them. So, I should have taken my health more seriously back then but I didn’t. Part of the reason I didn’t was, when I did go to the doctors they would give me temporary fixes and it never really helped in the long term so I thought I was just stuck with it. So I guess this a HUGE wake-up call b/c I wasn’t sure if I would wake up the next day. Sometimes it felt like I was dying, not that I could really describe what that feels like. Anyways, life has been a real struggle lately, just to even catch my breath. Makes you really appreciate the little moments, quite literally. Even though this has nothing do with my hip labral tear it has everything to do with it because it’s a big red flag for all of you to take care of your health as a whole and to appreciate all the little successes in life from being able to get out of bed in the morning to spending time with your loved ones. I realize how many things I have taken for granted! Wishing you all health and happiness as they are really two in one. 🙂 P.S. Forgive me if this blog is running on a tangent and isn’t as organized as my others. I barely had enough to concentration to write it! (;



My puppy at Kate Sessions Park the other day. 🙂


So lately I’ve been feeling better than ever! Some days I have no pain, (zip zero) and I feel like I’m normal just like everyone else except for when somebody of course asks me to go hiking and then I feel blue because it reminds me of what I can and cannot do. But other than that life is good. I know life could be better and I look forward to that day where I can be outdoorsy again. I do miss those days very much. I mean my husband is so cautious for me that he won’t even let me play things like corn hole or bocce ball which I think is lame. But then again it was lame that I tore my hip playing golf! So, I understand his caution…it’s really sweet but I hate that part of my life. I’ve always had an adventurous side. I used to travel and would love to spend my time doing random physical things like rock climbing, snowboarding, hiking, sailing, biking, bowling, etc. but now I just see that as something of my past. It’s not even a part of the new me anymore. I mean I know that sounds depressing and I still do have hope that maybe in a year or 2 I will be there once again but not now and that makes me well, very, very sad. Granted I am working on music again. I get together with my friend Scott once a week for a jam session. We’ve been practicing some covers and writing some music together; it’s been really therapeutic. I’ve been taking the dog to the park, letting him run wild and free. I’ve been getting together with my friends and going on date nights out and about into town. It’s been great, much better than where I was 1 year ago. Still though, I am always yearning for more…I want to work again or least to have that kind of purpose or at least I think I do. I really miss that feeling of building something…I think it’s almost time. I’ve still been getting business inquiries which is a great sign. I just haven’t been really putting myself out there afraid of some sort of relapse or re-injury. I feel like it’s too soon. I thought quoting 1 year was being patient and I keep saying it’ll be soon till I return to the work force but then when the time comes I really do need more time. Sometimes time seems so slow…I guess I should be grateful for that b/c everyone else is running a million miles per minute and can’t catch their breath. For now I’m spending a ton of time with my dog, training him and just learning what it is to be a dog parent since I’ve never been one before. There’s a lot to learn!


Currently, I am on a colon cleanse which can help relieve joint pain along with many other ailments which makes complete sense to me because it’s getting rid of toxins which relieve your immune system of fighting and balancing a gaziilion things all at once. They say to truly clean out your colon it takes at least a month or two. So, I’ve been taking some Yogi, Get Regular tea and aloe vera supplements which is supposed to clean you out real good.  Last time I wrote about how I was taking Neem as a parasite cleanser and I think this is the next step to get all that toxic waste out of your system. See this link for more info. on how a colon cleanse effects your health at, Here’s another link about it, Maybe the second one about arthritis doesn’t seem relevant but I think it is considering what we are dealing with is bones rubbing against each other due to bone spurs (joint pain/arthritis). I mean that’s what the surgeons deal when they go into the surgery; they basically file down the bone spurs and repair the labrum. But in theory what’s happening is that because of overcompensation of certain muscles and incorrect posture we end up tearing these muscles that aren’t supposed to be stressed out in such a fashion (that is if we were using all our correct muscles and not overstraining them). Because of the overcompensation of muscles and incorrect posture, bone spurs grow in order to make up for what are bodies aren’t doing right in the first place (ex. due to previous injuries, overstraining,etc). I don’t know if that’s making sense but hopefully you’ve read my other blogs in order to put the pieces together. Your body is all intricately woven together; one thing always effects another. That is why I so strongly believe in holistic medicine because it treats your body as a whole versus just the symptom. I’m all about getting to the source of the problem, not just band-aiding yourself up temporarily! (;

In conclusion, I am still Rolfing, doing acupuncture, foam rolling, constructive rest and now a colon cleanse. At 1 year, I am still improving, yay! That’s really all a girl can ask for! (:

xoxo, Lisa




So here’s the latest greatest! I went dancing this past weekend with my girlfriends. I think it’s been years. I’ve got to say I think it has been a rough year for all of us with break-ups and health issues and so it made dancing the night away so much more of a blast because we really needed it! It was like a re-union as “life” kind of got between us with all the drama and then funny enough brought us back together again. I think this time, even closer.

So how am I doing? I’m doing great! I went dancing for God’s sake! Earlier that day I felt bad because I went on a mild hike (if you can even call it that) at one of the largest dog parks in San Diego. I mean we are talking a Lord of the Rings backdrop for dogs. I was aching and I had no intention to go dancing with the girls. We were supposed to just go out for some drinks and then it turned into a party, haha. I guess it was better that way because I wouldn’t have dared risk my hip injury for a night  of dancing but as it turned out, it gave me an opportunity to experiment with what I could do. And I can’t believe it; I kept up with the best of them! (;


Back to what I’m doing for my injury, strangely enough, I’m doing a parasite cleanse. I know it seems un-related but I had read multiple times that parasites can cause all sorts of health issues including joint problems. See here, I’m currently on a neem herb supplement cleanse which I got off Dr. Oz. Here’s the link:  I’ve also stopped doing my electro pulse therapy sessions at the moment because I had a minor setback from it. I think because I was on my period and thus super de-hyrdrated in addition to being anemic, my leg cramped up terribly. This lasted a few days where I was back on a cane but thankfully after hydrating, taking the right supplements (super raw green juice), foam rolling, and rolfing I got fixed up! I was so scared I had to start from square 1 again because that is just the fear I think that creeps up on anyone with this injury during the recovery period. And I’m so glad that I’m still progressing and moving forward. What a relief! (:


So in conclusion, I’m on month 11 now and life is fabulous! My dog, hubby, and me are having a wonderful time going to dog parks and bonding. I’m hanging and even dancing with my girlfriends. Work is slow but I have to re-vamp and re-brand my business this month anyways. Hopefully, things come along there. That’s in God’s hands. Overall I feel encouraged by the way things are looking up! How are things with you all? I hope my blog is helpful and encouraging to you. Keep those comments and questions coming. I look forward to them!

xo, Lisa (your fellow hip-ster)




So just reflecting on 2014 as we’ve arrived at 2015. My life has changed a lot, my lifestyle and my perspective. I used to be very goal orientated. I lived on goals. My career was everything. I think it even came to a point where my marriage became #2. It was like I let it define who I am. I don’t think it’s wrong to have pride and passion for what you do and actually that can be a great thing. But all good things in good measure and all good things in the right context and I didn’t have that. I worked myself to the ground till I had nothing else to give and that’s not good for anyone. I believe this is the reason why my health deteriorated in 2014. I was fighting a cold which turned into laryngitis and then I got a locked hip which turned into a labral tear. I then thereafter I got my very first bout of Bronchitis. It’s been a long and heavy road but I finally feel like I’m getting my life back and in that, a new one. It’s been 10 months since my labral tear when everything changed. I had to put my career on hold. My social life suffered and I felt very depressed to say the least.

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 3.23.30 PM


My life started to change when I started meeting several holistic professionals trying to get me back to health (after western medicine only made things worse). Specifically my acupuncturist, chiropractor, rolfer, nursed me back to health and are still trying to get me to  back to 100%. That might take another year or two but I’m pleasantly surprised that I’ve gotten as far as I have. I went from being bed ridden 10 months ago where my husband had to come home and feed me for lunch! To now, I am taking care of myself, my husband (its a symbiotic relationship), and my dog! Yes, that’s right I just got a dog for Christmas just like I said I would in my previous blog. He’s a rescue, dachshund, terrier mix, 15lbs, very shy but super athletic. Once he warms up he’s the most loyal and playful thing ever! I am walking him everyday which is great exercise and accountability for me. My life is so different than I remember. I used to work everyday. I was obsessed with my career; that’s pretty much all I talked about. My husband can vouch for that. Today my life is about my dog, haha I am a first time dog parent and it’s freaking me out! I don’t know anything about dogs so you can imagine I am googling dog stuff day and night. I guess you can say I have an obsessive personality! But this is kind of nice, a different kind of stress. I’m much more present mentally instead of constantly thinking about the future. My goals are less complicated and just plain old simple. All to say, my life is better. I feel like I’m here to enjoy my life rather than plan it out.


I still yearn for the days when I can go hiking with my dog and biking in Coronado Island with my husband. I’m not there yet but I can see it just around the corner. It is an attainable dream. I’m feeling pretty good these days. My pain is definitely manageable and very mild (barely noticeable) with my daily routine. I still make sure I foam roll everyday. My life may not be as exciting as it was before my injury but it’s more enjoyable. I have a mental capacity for joy and peace that I did not have before.

In conclusion, it’s taken me 10 months to get to this point where I feel pretty normal. I look forward to the day where I feel my best and I’m still setting that goal but for now life is good as it is. For those of you on the same journey, I highly recommend acupuncture, rolfing, electro pulse therapy, and Pilates to get where you want to be. It will take time and patience but I believe with diligence and perseverance you can get your life back even if it looks different than the last.

Signing off…wishing you a very happy new year!! May God give you the strength and hope to move forward and move on!!

xo,  Lisa