OMG, so today I hit the gym for the first time in over 6 months! As you know from my previous blogs, I’ve been sticking to mostly hydrotherapy for workouts to keep it safe because physical therapy at the hospital gave me pain afterwards. Hydrotherapy has been a godsend but hitting the gym was just another milestone and I was so proud of myself! It just means I am that much closer to my goal of achieving full range of motion!

These are two proper postural workouts that I’ve been doing lately.



It’s funny because I almost think my right hip is now stronger than my left hip because of the compensation my poor left hip has been having to deal with it. So, on top of this new workout regimen I am doing some particular stretches for my Piriformis muscle (link between Piriformis Syndrome and hip replacements, and Psoas muscle which seems to be helping. There are different forms of these stretches if these are too hard for you in any way (google it). I was getting a grinding, sharp pain from what I think is my hip impingement pain on my left hip but it has definitely subsided through these stretches! Hopefully it works for you. Just be careful and make sure you do what’s right for you!



Also, I have continued on with my Rofling Structural Integration sessions and am still improving from one week to another. I thought after my 3rd one I would be done with them but they are so useful I’ve decided to invest in some more sessions and take away from my acupuncture sessions since it does get expensive. I truly believe soft tissue and postural work are key in becoming freed from chronic pain talking from personal experience and Rolfing Structural Integration offers the best of both worlds.

Overall, today I am in very little pain but am doing more since my last post. There is little pain in my left glut that comes and goes. I am walking faster and longer than usual and am doing normal activities including laundry with ease. Last week I walked for 45 minutes pain free faster than I’ve walked in over 6 months and keeping up with my husband. I am definitely listening to my body. I still can’t sit for that long, 2 hour max at a time. I have to get up and stretch often. Sitting ergonomically correct is key for me in staying pain free. Last week I sat at church for a couple of hours and I was in pain afterwards (due to their folding chairs). Back to online sermons for me. I’m much better with cushioned seats! I would say I am 99% pain free when doing most normal activities such as cooking, cleaning, walking, hanging out and working from home but I keep all things to a minimum. I will say some activities are more comfortable than others.  I still have trouble sleeping. I have to put two icepacks under my buttocks and hamstrings at night in order to keep the bursitis from keeping me awake and I try and avoid sleeping on my sides too long. So that’s where I am at right now and I’m pretty happy with all things considering. I can’t believe I was once scared that I was going to be bedridden for life and now I have hope that one day I can even run again! (:

P.S. Here’s my golden nugget of the day! Why this guy (rolfer, trainer, and corrective exercise specialist) thinks FAI (hip impingement) is bullshit LOL

xo, Lisa


3 thoughts on “OMG, OMG!!”

  1. I hope you found the article helpful. My site also has a number of articles about the research on labral tears, hip impingement, and what research shows about other common maladies. You’ll also find my youtube channel has many videos that may help you with rebuilding the strength and mobility in your hips.

    Have fun at the gym!

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    1. Hi Matt! I’m already a big fan of your channel and site! I’m so glad I find you online. How did you find me, so random!? LOL I’m so glad there is a network of people out there that are willing to help others that have been in the same situation. It’s so life changing! Keep up the amazing work as I really respect your line of work! Thanks for commenting! (:


    2. Matt, I have watched several of your videos, and you seem to know quite a lot about FAI and labral tears. I tore my right hip labrum a little over a year ago and have been trying to avoid surgery ever since! I may at some point have questions for you, but now that I am trying to think of some I am drawing a blank! Go figure lol! Anyway, I am so happy I am not the only person out there trying to find a way of coping without being cut. Thanks!

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