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(view from under the trees at Kate Session Park while reading books with my husband this past weekend)


Today, I feel awesome! I went to my very first Rolfing A.K.A. structural integration session yesterday. I feel like I learned a lot. Today, I am relatively pain free. I will get a twinge if my posture’s off a bit (proper posture and walking is key; see prior blog post for link) or if I realize I’m tensing up my muscles (consciously release your buttocks, shoulders and anywhere else you might hold tension). So, it’s very important that I wake up and foam roll everyday at this point in my recovery. However, I recently realized that I have been going about foam rolling all wrong! Because my muscles are so tight, I need to sit on each muscle knot for about 45 seconds rather than rolling over them back and forth. What happens is, the muscles start to let go. And since there are several layers, 3 layer to be exact, the superficial fascia, the deep fascia, and subserous fascia (more on fascia at http://www.runnersworld.com/injury-treatment/understanding-your-fascia?page=single), I feel multiple releases as the seconds go by! You will feel the tightness subside, the muscle let go, and your muscle start draping over the foam roller. Just make sure you keep your core activated and proper posture so you don’t hurt yourself (see my previous youtube foam rolling links for this). I learned this via my Rolfing session yesterday. He basically applied this during my session yesterday but he used his hands and was able to figure out that my hamstrings and psoas muscles were the main culprit just by looking at my posture! Since I have incorporated this new method of foam rolling I feel like a million bucks! 


So, to re-cap, I finally have my normal walking gait back! So, for the past 6 months I’ve been walking very cautiously. My gait has been about half what it’s supposed to be. But I feel like I can walk like a normal human being again! It’s pretty effortless! I’ve been so envious for the past several months watching other people walk and thinking they have no idea how lucky they are. Walking is such a gift from God. So, I went to pain level 10 six months ago to pain level 0 today! However, just to let you know, this is me doing everyday activities (cooking, cleaning, hanging out and working from home) to a minimum; I have not incorporated sports into my life as of yet with the exception of swimming three times a week. But I’ll be patient! Walking and swimming is enough for today. Just remember to listen to your body carefully since healing is a process. We can’t jump from A-Z as that will cause setbacks. Maybe next month, I’ll be more adventurous and try yoga and biking. (; 

So I am absolutely elated today. I have my next Rolfing session next week. I found mine on Yelp and if you’re in the San Diego area I highly recommend Archie Underwood. He says you need about three sessions to feel the full effect of his work. They are about $120 per session. For me well worth it, to get my life back! 


Also, I am taking matters in my own hand and using a tennis ball, foam roller, and yoga balls on a daily basis. I put the tennis ball right underneath my sit bone on my hamstring for 45 seconds. My knot/tender spot (should feel very sore but not sharp/nerve pain!) is slightly to the outside of my hamstrings, underneath my IT band; you will need to find yours. Also doing the same with the foam roller on my IT band, hip adductors, and TFL muscle have also done wonders. I also release my psoas muscle with my yoga balls (please be careful where you place these as they are close to your organs; look it up!). So, please if you haven’t tried this yet, tennis balls, yoga balls, and foam rollers are relatively cheap. Do it and it might just save your life. I am so thankful that I live in a city that’s very holistically progressive and that I can get the treatments I need here but you can treat yourself at home if you’re not as lucky. The internet is a fantastic tool for research so please make sure you to educate yourself (esp. on how-to(s). There are many youtube tutorial channels by generous health professionals out there like https://www.youtube.com/user/UprightHealth or https://www.youtube.com/user/garycrowley1. Make use! It’s very empowering! Doctors see several patients a day, and you might start to feel like a number but I say be your own doctor. Who knows your body better than yourself? If not, get to know it! 🙂 

P.S. I’m not saying, never see a doctor but I have seen 5 different doctors already (including 2 misdiagnosis, other complications and a correct diagnosis), and so I’m finally taking things in my own hands and have seen better results from that (please take everything I say with a grain of salt as I’m not in the medical industry myself). This is my personal journey and I’m writing this blog because I’ve seen progress and I wish the same for you. Thank you Jesus for answers. My latest golden nugget find is this read, http://www.sherrymclaughlin.com/2009/10/fai-and-hip-labral-tears/. It’s written by an orthopedic certified specialist and a certified strength and conditioning specialist who shares my philosophy on FAI/hip labral tears! 🙂 



2 thoughts on “Miracle?!”

  1. This is so encouraging to read, thanks for sharing! (I found your site through a post of yours in the Facebook FAI group 🙂 The foam rolling even looks like something I may actually enjoy. What are the dimensions of the roller you use?

    I’m still in the middle of recurring flair ups and no weight baring so the rest of my muscles are so angry with me and want to move! Every body is different, I know, but how long did you rest for after a setback? My 2 week cycle isn’t cutting it. Maybe constructive rest would help me?

    For a bit of an over share: my PT is wonderful for other pelvic floor issues, and she’s been so so helpful with reducing the pelvic floor spasms, probably in part triggered by the hip craziness. Not exactly something I can do myself at home. I highly recommend it!

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  2. Hi Tanna! Thanks for reading and commenting! I feel like we “hippies” are sharing in this journey together and it makes it less lonely and aggravating! (;

    I believe this is the exact foam roller I bought on amazon.com. http://www.amazon.com/Black-Roller-Density-Rollers-Round/dp/B00BMFEXJQ/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1411429778&sr=8-5&keywords=foam+roller. My setbacks at first were pretty long (like 1 month) and severe! They mostly came from squatting, sitting wrong (with hip flexion), walking up and down hill, or on uneven ground like sand! Now that I know this, I’m much better off! I just had a small setback last week sitting in a folding chair for a couple of hours. But after hitting up the chiropractor today I feel like I’m back on track! Things that would help me with my setbacks were/are: acupuncture, trigger point therapy, hydrotherapy, constructive rest, rolfing, and chiropractic work. Do what you can. (;

    I’ve heard people having pelvic floor issues. I’m not sure what that even means. I do know that my pelvis is rotated so I’ve been doing hip alignment exercises and stretches. I also I make sure to consciously let go off my buttocks while I’m walking instead of clenching it out of stress.

    Anyways, so glad you found this post encouraging! Feel free to contact me anytime with thoughts, questions or just to say hello! (:

    xo, Lisa


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